A project formed from an ISTD brief on the theme 'lost' but instead looking at what you can gain from a loss. Using a relatable experience of loss such as a break-up I wanted to shine a positive light with 'tongue and cheek' visual language. So I created a modular typeface targeted at young females who had been broken up with. Each module represented a generic gain of a break-up; eat whatever you want, more space in bed, wear comfortable underwear, flirt with whoever you want and watch your own t.v. shows. 
Once I created the typeface I wanted to further contextualise the theme by creating ironic imagery of 'cringe break-up lines' using my typeface and typical break-up related imagery. This development then turned into a 'break-up typeface' kit, encouraging you to use the typeface in sticker form to write your own gains of your break-up. As well as your own break-up letter back to your ex to vent out all the sadness. The kit itself is called #notyourtype to encourage users of the kit to share their own gains using the typeface online with the hashtag, creating a positive community for the broken hearted.

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