This was a self-negotiated brief focused on helping eradicate the taboo behind the menopause with the goal to open up the conversation. The campaign would be in collaboration with World Menopause Day (18th October) and Protest Press - 'a collective running dynamic workshops to engage conversation, evoke positive change and inspire powerful activism'. Using Protest Press's ethos and low-fi process of making type, I wanted to create a simple 2 part campaign that could get people talking. 

Part 1 of the campaign involves a series of touch points being released in train stations across London in the 4 days leading up to World Menopause Day (WMD). This includes statements obstructed by the pause button from the campaign logo with the tag line 'just say it'. As well as a series of videos activated when connecting to the wifi in the environment, including various ages/genders talking about the menopause without actually saying the word. With the idea that people will start to question what the context might be.

Part 2 of the campaign sees these touch points being revealed on WMD, with the pause button no longer obstructing the statements and the videos now playing all the way through. Going from a pause to a play with each person revealing the context by saying 'let's press play on the conversation, menopause, just say it'. This should hopefully reiterate the ridiculousness that a natural process that all females have to go through is still so taboo.
On the same day as the previous touch points being revealed the rest of the menopause visuals would be released, you should be able to see the word menopause everywhere! This would include the animated logo visualising the action of pressing play on the conversation and the short gif explaining the simplicity of the campaign and it's message, to further provide context. 
There would also be a large scale sign of the campaign logo located at one of the major train stations. This would be where the message would be physically spread by menopause fact post-its which you would peel off the play button located at the end of the tag line 'just say it'. There would also be badges given out to the public to further spread the message and show their support of opening up the conversation. Although I want this campaign to reach everyone some of the fact post-its are specifically relevant to menopause in the workplace as I found this to be a particularly current issue in my research. So this links with the choice of placing my campaign in train stations throughout London with the idea to also target commuters.

I focused the strategy of this campaign to be in the environment but I wanted to ensure I reached all ages. So I've also made a sponsored ad for social media platforms simply explaining the campaign. As well as digital badges that influencers/celebrities and then the public could use to show alliance to the campaign.

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