The brief was to use visual communication as a tool to remind us of the things that unite and connect us. I wanted to look for a real-life story in my local community where a group of people had been united through an issue created to divide. 
The case study that formed this project was the 2-year-long fight to save a local green space against development being pushed by the council. The conflict between the local council and the two neighbourhoods that shared the space in turn united them together. After finally winning the battle and protecting the land from development(for now) they wanted to utilise the community formed and show the ongoing need for the space. The research into this story formed the solution of the brief, to create a branding identity for an initiative that unites communities against local issues. 
In the case study the resources made throughout the rally for the green space were all done on 'Microsoft word' which fit the purpose, as it encouraged people to get together, sign the petition and write to their representatives. However, I wanted to provide a simple identity that could be given to local communities which still adapted to the low-fi process but gave a more professionally designed feel and look. 'Keen Greeners' is an identity for the community led initiative for neighbourhoods wanting to utilise their local green spaces and protect them from development. The initiative's identity is formed from a series of downloadable digital templates which work as a an adaptable guide, in which you can fill in and print on whatever paper available to you. There is also a physical welcome pack you receive when you register - including personalised window stickers and a copy of the case study all sent in a personalised tote. 
The website acts as a main source for the initiative itself as well as providing an online community for those going through similar situations.  'The Helpline' is a 'chatroom' style aspect of the website which allows all 'Keen Greener' groups to share information and provide assistance for other disputes over development. 
As further development I wanted to show how this simple identity could be used as a template for other local issues. So by using the same house style the identity was adapted slightly for fighting against Fracking.

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