The brief for this project was 'to explore and celebrate craft and all it could entail' so I decided to create an editorial on the process of letter pressing, focusing on my personal experience on a two day letter pressing course in Iffes Yard, London with Kelvyn Smith.
I used my own journal entries from the experience to create the content and formed the layout using sketches and test prints from the day, with a mixture of digital and handwritten type. I wanted the whole feel of the piece to be representative of being in a workshop and working with your hands so the editorial is very low-fi and formed on large scale newsprint (just over A2) working to a letter press grid.  Each page is equivalent to the size we worked and printed to, creating a full sensory representation of the physicality of this age old process of handling type. 

I also filmed a video of myself putting up the editorial spread by spread to not only further emote the feeling of being in a workshop but to show its large scale and ability to work individually as spreads as swell as telling a narrative together.

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