This was a self-negotiated brief with the aim to create graphic design using a foreign language, my solution was to create Scandinavian phrase zines targeted at 18-25 year olds in collaboration with 'HostelWorld'. 

The phrase zines are phonetic with the idea to not learn the language but instead be used on a short trip basis to any of these three Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This format helped form the collaboration for the zines, to the hostel booking app aimed at young people, 'Hostelworld'. As there were three of the zines, it worked to promote a trip visiting all three capital cities, collecting your free phonetic zine at each stop when you book with 'Hostelworld'. 

These zines would hopefully encourage young people to make the effort to speak the language, this is especially relevant to english speaking countries such as the UK where learning languages is not compulsory or pushed. This often results in many young adults  not speaking the local lingo when on holiday or travelling, especially in places where they have adopted english as a second language, for example in this case, Copenhagen. 

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalist design there is 'pictogram' based visuals that each represent a key word as well as hand-drawn illustrations to further contextualise the topic of each phrase. The zine booklet includes basic fast-talk conversations using the key word visuals to help guide you through the topic of each phrase. The reverse side of the zine is a poster formed of all the key words featured with their corresponding image, this part of the zine is designed as more of a keep sake for after the trip.

Each Zine has been created using Riso, this meant the colour palette on each zine was kept to a maximum of three colours which correlated with the flag of each country. This medium and format also catered to creating a large mass cheaply, which suits the purpose of them being given out free to young adults. 

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